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Dr. Duke utilizes non-invasive in-house testing to address health conditions at the very first visit to determine a baseline protocol tailored uniquely to each patient.

About Wholistic Medical Group

Treating the Symptoms Before It’s a Problem

A revolutionary physician in the field of holistic medicine, Dr. Duke optimizes organ function – the missing piece in conventional and alternative medicine. Instead of treating symptoms, whether with pharmaceuticals or natural supplements, Dr. Duke’s approach corrects internal organ dysfunction so underlying root cause issues can be truly addressed, not just managed.

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If your labs indicate issues of excess or deficiency you are likely aware that medications only address those and not the root cause. Utilizing natural supplements to lower or raise these values also does not address the issues which Dr. Duke has pinpointed as the organs not capable of doing their jobs effectively. Without correcting the organ dysfunction patients will always suffer or have to take medications or supplements for life until they cause another health crisis.

About Dr. Duke

About Dr. Duke

Personalized and Preventative Care

About Dr. Duke

Organs systems suffer fatigue. Whether due to stress, trauma, diet, lifestyle, acute illness, bad luck…. Conventional medicine assumes the body returns to 100% without assistance (they don’t even consider diet as necessary assistance). This is a flawed and outdated model of medicine. Before disease of the body the organs systems do not function optimally and set the stage for conditions to worsen, generally symptoms are just indications of the organs systems not functioning optimally, like lights on your cars dash. An engine is not defective or damaged because you have not replaced your oil filter, the oil filter is just not capable of functioning optimally and “symptoms” arise.

Common Symptoms

Patients visit Dr. Duke for a variety of reasons, all of which include their own unique situations.
We specialize in solving your medical problems through tailored wholistic approach that gets results.

Make sure you check out our comprehensive list of symptoms with our interactive body map.

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Internal Vs External Medicine

Patients of Dr. Duke always receive the personalized type of care that is not often found these days. Every patient is treated accordingly, with Dr. Duke spending as much time as needed per appointment.

Dr. Duke’s Formula

Your Holistic Solution

Orthomolecular supplementation provides therapeutic levels of nutritional support so organ systems can function OPTIMALLY.

Acute and chronic conditions relating to pain, digestive issues, mood disorders, allergies, and more resolve through the use of Dr. Duke’s Formulas. Where conventional medicine has failed, Dr. Duke’s Formulas provide solutions.

Dr. Duke's Formulas

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What Our Patients Say

Brock Broussard
Brock Broussard
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Dr. Duke has been great to work with. I’ve been dealing with stomach issues for a few years now and tried adjusting my diet all kind of ways to fix it. He figured out the issue right away. I’m seeing major improvements and we are on the path to eliminating the issue completely. Can’t thank Dr. Duke enough
Danielle Martinez
Danielle Martinez
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Dr. Duke has been amazing! My husband and I both use him for different health reasons and he is better than we anticipated, we have been looking for someone with services like his for a long time. He’s and Expert and very personable. I’ve already referred him to other family members and wish there were more people in the world like him with his services. Highly recommend!
Kimberly Granger
Kimberly Granger
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Dr. Duke is very thorough and has helped me with minor and major health concerns. The supplements and his methods work incredibly well and I would recommend his practice to anyone!

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