Wholistic Medical Group provides a number of services to holistically treat a variety of conditions. Dr. Duke (Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Physician) and our office provides everything from injection therapy, Tampa acupuncture, functional integrative medicine, cupping therapy Tampa, and many more services. Below you’ll find just a few of the many testimonials Dr. Duke and his office have received over the years..

I brought my son in who suffers from headaches and Dr. Mansell was great with him and came up with just the right suppliments to get him on track and curb his headaches!

Brianne Swezy

Dr. Mansell is a knowledgeable and trustworthy doctor. At our first appointment he was thorough in order to properly diagnose my symptoms and provide me with the best treatment. His supplement recommendations worked wonders and the cupping and needling helped to alleviate my issues. I would highly recommend Dr. Mansell!

Natalia G.

Wow! What a difference Duke Mansell and his staff make. I have battled with digestive issues for decades and they are now gone. He also managed to fix issues I was having from a herniated L4.

David Blacker

Due to her advanced age, my mother had digestive issues, diarrhea, constipation, etc. but through a full screening with Dr. Mansell and his nutrition, supplement and natural approach, we know what to do to resolve her gastrointestinal issues. Her health has greatly improved! Thank you, Dr. Mansell.

Alba Martinez

A combination of acupuncture and herbal supplements have helped me achieve positive results. I really appreciate the time and attention Dr. Mansell puts towards designing a program specifically for my needs. I highly recommend his services.

Elizabeth Percy Webb

Love this place!!! For work, I use my hands a lot and they are very fragile and always hurting, so when I came in, Dr. Duke Mansell put together a program specifically for my needs. I’ve seen him just 3 times now and my hands can tell a huge difference!! Highly recommended!

Julie Elizabeth Buck

Thank you Dr. Duke for helping me with eliminating my pain!

Jed Furphy

Wonderful practice!!! Dr. Duke is the best, so informative, highly recommend.

Kim Bleiweiss Furphy

Wonderful place and they really listen and give you great advice

Kim Mansell Laine

Dr. Duke is one of the most knowledge physicians I know. His understanding of the body and ability to create effective treatments from the most current research is top notch. His assessment and treatment of my fatigue, autoimmune condition, and nutrient absorption issues has been incredibly helpful! From pain, to complex chronic conditions, to general wellness, Dr. Duke is your man. I highly recommended his services!

Lauren P.

What a great practice! So knowledgeable and spends the time to explain how everything works! Great alternative medicine!

Jamie Clayton-Shipley

Dr. Duke is awesome! So glad that I found him. Been dealing with a serious shoulder injury and trying to control my pain. I have been coming to Dr. Duke just under a year and he has helped control my pain and helped me get mobility back so that I can enjoy my life again. I have had other acupuncture treatments but never with these results. Highly recommend. Extremely knowledgeable and very professional!

Stacey Seay

Great place! I am a ballerina that developed a bizarre case of Golfer’s Elbow right around audition season. After pharmaceutical prescriptions only furthered the injury, Dr. Duke helped me through my auditions with hands-on, natural, and effective methods. I would recommend this to anyone in need of both short-term results and long-term comfort. Thank you!

Morgan Johns

Dr. Duke is fantastic! I highly recommend him to treat pain, but also for overall wellness. He is a great listener, and he tries to get to the root of the problem. Thank you Dr. Duke for the great work.

Ramona Parmantie

Highly recommended! Due to my work, I’ve developed shoulder pain over the last few years and went to see Dr. Mansell on the recommendation of a friend. He took the time to explain the root of the problem and gave me a course of action. He promptly treated the area with a couple of injections and the improvement just a couple of days after is quite noticeable. Pain is almost gone and I’ll be sure to continue treatment with him. If you’re looking for pain relief, Dr. Mansell is the man!

Rafael Morales

The allopaths had given up on my knee as they could not explain why it would not bend and why I kept experiencing dagger-like pain when just trying to walk. I could barely move, and when I did I was unstable. I was MISERABLE! After four months of treatment, I am back to doing Yoga as well as walking my dogs a couple of miles five days a week — with NONE of the ugly side effects from the painkillers or heavy duty anti-inflammatories that the allopaths had resorted to! Thanks, Dr. Duke, you saved me! My knee WORKS again, my BP is down, my blood oxygen levels are perfect… and I am now just waiting on my lipids panel. My allopath has gone from having the “Do you want to die?” talk to “What have you been doing? I want to tell others!” talk with me. I will be back for tune-ups, for sure, as I lose the extra pounds and reclaim agency over my life.

Maria I.

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